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The advantage of ceramic wear plates over traditional wear resistant steel is their ability to better withstand particularly abrasive wear. Hopper installation locations are often challenging, so the lightness of ceramics facilitates and speeds up the installation work. By combining wear resistant steel as a backing to the ceramic plates and attaching sensors to the plates, we have a smart solution that offers a longer product life cycle for the consumable parts and enables the early detection of the end of their life cycle. For the size and shape of plates, your imagination is the only limit.

To attach plates, the fastening from the client's present structure can be used or threaded studs included as standard elements at the rear the plate.

Hopper linings can, if required, be manufactured to the design of your standard part, so that the liner can be made of the minimum number of different pieces.

Depending on the application, ceramic plates have different structures, in which the percentage of rubber and ceramics vary. A little more rubber is used for the biggest impact points. For sites of clear abrasive wear, the entire surface is ceramic.