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Condition reports

Sysi Ltd. has a tested program for conveyor inspections. Inspections include checking safety features, conveyor condition but far and foremost investigation on how to bring down the operating cost. With small investments the maintenance life-cycle and reliability of the conveyor can be induced. The inspection report will include a statement of conveyor’s condition in words…
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Belt tracking

Do not let the belt run away There can be many reasons for belt mistracking. Surrounding environment can cause belt freezing, wind can affect the way the belt runs, unsymmetrical structure of the belt can be a challenge, weak belt junctions can stop the line etc. How damp the material is will affect its mass…
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Metal separation

Collect the valuable metal Choosing a wide enough belt and a small enough throughing angle with a proper speed, we can create a material mattress that is thin enough for metal separation with magnets. Naturally the magnet power, right speed, the distance of the magnet from belt and the shape of the scrap chute edge…
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Spillage reduction

Waste not The only place for spillage accumulation should be the surface of the belt from where it falls under the conveyor. If the belt cleaning is done correctly the amount of spillage is minor. With difficult Finnish environment the only proper choice are Schulte Strathaus cleaners – Simple and effective. With this sector we…
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