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Portfolio Category: Components

Wear blocks

Protect and secure Chrome saturated cast iron or manganese iron blocks guarantee a long exchange time to any application. We design the suitable lay-out optimizing the use of different kinds of blocks and micro-autogenic shelfs in between. The material for wear blocks is normally either chrome saturated white cast iron that is 63 HRC or…
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Belt lifter

Smart new tool for conveyor maintenance. As a result of product development Sysi offers a convenient tool for conveyor maintenance. The new belt lifter offers easy and safe alternative for conveyor roller replacement and it works in idler frame replacement as well. The belt lifter is light weight and easily operated by one man. It…
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Hard faced plates

Hard welded plates and structures are manufactured to client dimensions with the agreed hard welded surface. The hardness and wear resistance of the plates are significantly better than that of wear resistant steel and so replacement intervals can be increased. The base of the plate is a 4-10mm mild steel plate, on which, depending on…
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Nicabor coating

This is a coating formed by electrolysis that prevents wear and is based on nickel sulphamate and extremely hard boron carbide. The coating thickness is amazingly thin, as are its resistance properties. Because of its thin coating NICABOR makes ultralight solutions possible, for example, in linings for hoppers. The durability of the coating is based…
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