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Wear prevention

Spare your equipment

A typical target for wear are conveyors feed chutes. High and hard is with many cases spectacular, but not in material handling. High and hard in material handling means grinding, dusting and wear.

Sometimes changing the material flow is not cost-effective. Then we have to concentrate on material choices. Combining materials that are fit for impacts and abrasion, with grain size in mind, we can create materials that are wear resistant in a new level. Sysi Ltd. can offer coatings with electrolytic coating, wear resistant casted chrom- and magnanes steels, hard welded plates, ceramics, rubber and plastic.

Naturally wear means that the wear blocks need to be changed from time to time. Exchange time and safety during maintenance can be affected in many ways. The attachment of wear plates can be done with special sideboard bolts instead of welding. Magnets can also be used to attach wear plates or blocks. In the mainstream usability is up to how long the equipment will hold and how fast they can be maintained. see components for process solutions