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Wear blocks

Protect and secure

Chrome saturated cast iron or manganese iron blocks guarantee a long exchange time to any application. We design the suitable lay-out optimizing the use of different kinds of blocks and micro-autogenic shelfs in between.

The material for wear blocks is normally either chrome saturated white cast iron that is 63 HRC or manganese saturated cast iron. Fixing is done with iron plate as base material for welding. The other option manganese cast iron hardens from 25 HRC up to 54 HRC. Also the blocks have an iron base for welding.

Variety of blocks are available and new versions are invented constantly. Applicatin specified block lay-outs are designed by Sysi Ltd. It is nor cost efficient to cover the entire area with block but to smartly design autogenic shelfs that increase the wear time of the blocks.


The magnet is welded to the wall and the max. 600 mm x 600 mm wear plate is attached on. Fifteen minutes and the production can continue. This big boy’s magnet is probably the fastest way to install wear plates found on the market.
The magnets are embedded on an impact dampening material.
The base plate of the magnets are welded to the chute wall and wear plates are installed by using these magnets. Removal the wear plates happens through a threaded hole inside the magnet that is used to loosen the plate with a bolt from the outside of the funnel. A hole needs to be made into the chute wall so that the bolt can be installed when removing the plates.

Magnet size is 200x200x75 mm and weight 11 kg.


Magnetically attached wear plate that is coated according to type with rubber, shore A 60, 70 or 90 polyurethane, ceramic or UHMWPE.

300 x 300 mm plates attach to the chute walls simply with a magnet. To prevent sliding an L-bar or other block is welded under the lowest line. 25 mm or 50 mm thick blocks are removed with a crowbar.

Plate size is 300 x 300 mm except ceramic which is the size of 100 x 500 mm.
Thickness either 25 mm or 50 mm.


ACR magnetic rubber patch for fast repair. Magnetic rubber patch that can be used for fast repair of chutes, silos or pipes. It attaches itself with rubber embedded power magnets. The patch is installed by using a screw placed between the patch and the fixed area.

Flexible patch enables installing to round objects.
Very fast to install and remove without tools.
Patch rubber can be anything type of flexible rubber suitable for the application.
The patches can be reused.