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Spillage reduction

Waste not

The only place for spillage accumulation should be the surface of the belt from where it falls under the conveyor. If the belt cleaning is done correctly the amount of spillage is minor. With difficult Finnish environment the only proper choice are Schulte Strathaus cleaners – Simple and effective. With this sector we have gathered our forces with the world’s leading expert. So far we have not found a better one. Naturally spillage has already made a mess of the return rollers which has fastened the wear process. That is why many use expensive rubber rollers to continue. If the belt cleaning is done correctly, the only cost reduction is not with cleaning but also in roller exchange costs also due to the possibility to be able to use again normal flat rollers on the return side.

For many cases, the chute itself is the largest spillage creator. Not even engineers are always perfectly correct. If the geometry of the funnels cannot be touched the concentration should be on material direction and sideboard sealing. Heavier solutions for making the spillage challenge easier can be provided by Sysi’s selected group of components and solutions. see components for process solutions