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Skirtboard seal

Infeed points for belt conveyors along with conveyor rollers are the elements that cause the most costs. This means there is demand for efficient solutions.

The sealing solutions manufactured by TBK Europe for the infeed have been developed for heavy-duty use and to prolong maintenance intervals.

The systems are individually adjustable with rubber blocks, so there is no need to exchange the whole seal because certain areas have wear. At the same time, of course, care must be taken where wear is the greatest, that the sealing can be seen to be functioning continuously. The rubber used for the seals is softer than the rubber in the belts to ensure that the belt does not suffer wear or abrasions.

The system has seals both in the rear and side skirts of the infeed.

Adjustment option

Elements are composed of individual rubber blocks that can be adjusted as required. The structure of the attachment prevents them rising up during operation, but allows them to descend after loosening the attachment nuts. This means adjustment can be carried out quickly and individually without the need for a lot of space.

Robust Structure

The elements consist of a galvanized or stainless steel back plate to which the elements are attached. The rubber blocks are placed over the element with a toothed locking plate on top and then finally the pack is adjusted to the correct position by tightening a screw.


Since the pieces are 125-200mm wide and about 20mm thick, they are easy to handle. The screw fastening means installation does not require a lot of space and the pieces can also be changed one by one and, if necessary, the more worn pieces exchanged into an area with less worn pieces, thereby saving costs.