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Screens and feeders

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Vibration technology provides an opportunity to handle almost all the bulk materials without problems at temperature range -30… more than 1000 celsius and with an angle of repose between 60-20 degrees. The grain size is expected to be less than 1000mm and bulk weight should be at least 0,3t/m3.

Vibration provides natural advantage
• Minimum wear and tear - microhops, not sliding
• Less wear parts
• Less Noise
• Gentle material handling
• Environmental solutions - dust proof
• Safe solution
• Economical - Low power consumption

SKAKO Vibration offers an extremely wide portfolio of vibratory equipment, covering both standard and tailor-made solutions, such as Screens, Feeders, and conveyors.

Vibratory feeders

Feeding hopper is typically delivered together with the vibratory feeder. This hopper is usually attached with connection flange to the chute above. There are guiding plates on the bottom of the hopper and adjustable limit plate for transferred material.

There are numerous different feeder designs. SKAKO has 9 different widths as standard and almost every one of these has a short and a long model. There are also several types of feeders depending on the need and capacity. The Feeder itself can be open or closed, thus dust proof. Accessory portfolio is also large enough for your purposes.

The capacity range begins from a couple of kilos and goes up to 1600 t/h.


SKAKO provides s a wide range of screens. These begin at some square meters and go up to over 40t weighing grizzlies. Depending on type of screen and location the structure of screen is either totally horizontal or tiltable. The used driving units are mechanical vibrators, one or more. Two eccentric shafts with own gears have been syncronized to generate the vibration.

The larger scale screens have been fastened by rivets to eliminate fatique problems. This type of experience in the area of large screen gives long life time and reliable production, even under 5G accelerations and enormous dynamic loads.

Like in feeders, there are plenty of standard screens. In addition to that there are special needs and many accessories e.g. wet screening, dust protection, vibration dampening frames, control systems, anti-blockage decks, corrosion and wear prevention are obviously available.