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Effective belt cleaning that conserves the belt is the key to reducing maintenance costs and increasing production.

The importance of belt cleaning increases continually due to the wear and tear on the components caused by a dirty belt and the costs arising from cleaning the residues. Also, environmental concerns increase the importance of cleaning the belt, when residues are spread by the wind into the environment.

The belt is often the most expensive component on a conveyor. For this reason, belt cleaning must be carried out reliably way while saving the belt., but at the same time it must be done effectively.

Schulte Strathaus cleaners have been developed to meet these challenges and the cleaners are in use in the world's largest open-cast mines and in an ever increasing number of mines and other challenging applications.

Schulte Strathaus pre-cleaners stand out from other cleaners on the market for their construction. Steel saddle tubes withstand even the toughest cleaning, flexible legs make sure that the segments are compressed no matter how much wear and always at the correct force for the belt and also in the middle of the belt. In addition to the clamping mechanism for the segments, no tools of any kind are required nor is the removal of pins or other such fasterners, even in wintry conditions.