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Nicabor coating

This is a coating formed by electrolysis that prevents wear and is based on nickel sulphamate and extremely hard boron carbide. The coating thickness is amazingly thin, as are its resistance properties.

Because of its thin coating NICABOR makes ultralight solutions possible, for example, in linings for hoppers.

The durability of the coating is based on years of development by the German company MTV Metallveredlungs GmbH. The manufacture of the coating is done by electrolysis, in which an atomic level bond is created between the object to be coated and the coating. In practice, this means that chipping typical for a spray coating does not occur.

Nickel sulphamate in itself is very flexible, so the coating can also be used for heavily loaded applications where torsion and deflection take place. Nickel sulphamate in itself is not particularly resistant to wear, so resistance to wear is provided by boron carbide, also called the black diamond. Approx. 1μm sized boron carbides is the part of the coating in contact with the material causing wear. A sufficiently high concentration of wear occurs for the most part between the carbides and the material, so saving the base material.

The thickness of the coatings can be millimetres thick, but in most cases a sufficient thickness is 150-350μm. Because the coated piece can be any shape and virtually any size and weight, Nicabor provides entirely new options for the prevention of wear.