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Metal separation

Collect the valuable metal

Choosing a wide enough belt and a small enough throughing angle with a proper speed, we can create a material mattress that is thin enough for metal separation with magnets. Naturally the magnet power, right speed, the distance of the magnet from belt and the shape of the scrap chute edge will help in the process as well.

With smaller materials the separation can be done with a drum magnet. We can offer several types of magnets depending on the usage and depending on the process.

Very often the challenges emerge from the already existing systems that operate with lower capacity then what the machines are fit for. We start projects with examining the feed area by spending couple of hours next to it to see what the challenges are. After this investigation a theoretical study of discharge parables, belt speed and funnel direction effects can be made. It is usually smart to go one step at a time to find out all the phases where something could affect the separation. In the end we can see if the existing magnet can still do the job or should it be replaced to a new proper one.