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Impact bars and beds

When handling crushed materials the product life cycle for impact rollers is not always sufficient and component replacement is always tricky. This means that long-term solutions are sought-after.

The impact bars and beds from TBK Europe are designed to increase replacement intervals and thereby increase productivity in the crushing circuit.

With the right choice of the material, the bars flex and soften the impact. On the other hand a very thick wear material layer ensures longer replacement intervals. The bars are suitable for most of the impact beds available on the market and are interchangeable with other bars.
The design of the impact bed allows for easier replacement and adjustment than before so that the skirtboard sealing can be made dust tight.

Adjustable cradles

FRIFLO impact cradle frames are, in principle, designed to fulfil client requirements. The cradle's lateral "wings" are attached by bolts to the frame and can be almost infinitely adjusted. The cradle's solid steel construction is built to last.


On the surface of the impact bar there is a 12mm layer of heavy-duty polyethylene UHMWPE with rubber underneath. The rubber part includes an embedded vulcanized aluminium profile so mounting on the cradle is easy. Vulcanisation is used to fasten the materials so they will definitely stay fastened. The bars are fixed to the cradle with M16 bolts, but an adapter is also available, for example, to use M12 bolts.

Fine adjustment

After installation, the lateral edges of the cradle can be fine-tuned to the belt, so that the bars and the cradles function as designed. FRIFLO impact cradles together with SPILL-EX skirt-board seals provide an impermeable and dust-free impact area.