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Belt lifter

Smart new tool for conveyor maintenance.

As a result of product development Sysi offers a convenient tool for conveyor maintenance. The new belt lifter offers easy and safe alternative for conveyor roller replacement and it works in idler frame replacement as well. The belt lifter is light weight and easily operated by one man. It reduces the risk for injury when lifting the conveyor belt. The belt lifter is easy to install and reduces the roller replacement time significantly. Small size of the product assists in storage and moving.


• Quicker roller and idler frame replacement
• Reduces injuries
• Convenient to storage and transport
• Saves time and manpower

The belt lifter consists of three parts
1. A carry beam to be mounted on the conveyor frame, on whihc the lifter itself is installed.
2. The lifter itself with wings for lifting the carry belt and on which the return belt lifting beam can be attached.
3. Beam for return belt lifting

The lifter is designed for 1200-1400, 1600-1800 and 2000mm belts with 20°, 30°, 35° and 45° troughing angles. The lifter can easily be designed for other belt widths and customer specific applications.