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HDPE – Rollers

The safest solution for conveyors that require wear and corrosion resistance.

The EU-Roller is a heavy duty conveyor roller, in which a thick HDPE sleeve is reinforced with an inner steel tube. The HDPE material means the roller is very resistant to wear and corrosion. In addition, in terms of maintenance, it is pleasantly light. In use, the HDPE roller is also clearly quieter than conventional steel rollers

The life-time of the roller is almost always determined by its sealing rather than the size of the bearings. The EU-Roller sealing is constructed with a 5-fold lip seal to prevent dirt and moisture from entering either the bearings of the roller.

The hollow bearing housing is extremely accurately manufactured with a variety of HDPE, nylon and polypropylene parts and guarantees the precision of the bearing's mounting as well as its impact absorption.

The bearing housing is welded onto the sleeve making the structure very solid and compact. If necessary, the rollers can be equipped with stone-guards or special-alloy shafts.

The rollers are finished by turning, so they are also suitable for use as weighing applications and cost wise are definitely more affordable than traditional weight rollers.

The rollers are manufactured in different diameters, 89, 102, 108, 127, 133, 152, 159, 178 and 194mm. Shaft options range from 20m to 40mm and the shaft ends are shaped as per client requirements. This means it is very probable that solutions for replacing existing rollers can be found.