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Optimizing the feeding points

Optimizing production

From high and fast is great but unfortunately not in material handling. The sooner the material can be moved downwards by sliding instead of dropping the sooner the challenges can be in grip. Short drop means a small strike energy and less grinding and dusting. At the same time wear reduces.

Sliding material flow can be controlled, dropping is uncontrollable. Sliding material can be easily directed to the right place, well centered on the belt.

When the strike impact is smaller the loads on structure are also reduced. Wear reduces also and skirtboard sealing get a break as well. Normally the challenges are overcome with small adjustments, but if the material process studies are not done with detail, the consequences can be costly.

If the inspection is done in detail the operations can be adjusted to grain size differences, mositure fluctuation and material composition and the same information is valid for future inspections.

Combining the feed geometry with correct variety of wear materials, cost efficiency will be word of the day. see components for process solutions