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Conveyor rollers

Traditional steel rollers with different sleeve thicknesses and dimensions. The range also includes special rollers for the return side of the belt, impact points, self-cleaning rollers, etc.

Steel rollers are available in a wide variety of options as to the strength of the bearing, shaft and the sleeve. In applications where use is sporadic and the rollers can be easily reached, it does not necessarily make sense to use the technologically best rollers. On the other hand, for use in locations with the highest wear, where accessibility is poor and monitoring a challenge, these are places where you may want to place rollers with thicker than normal sleeves.

On the return side, the use of rubber-ring rollers is common and is largely due to poor cleaning of the belt. A clean belt does not wear the rollers, so instead of rubber-wheeled rollers the usual smooth surfaced return rollers can be used. As an alternative on the return side, consideration can also be given to self-cleaning rollers as well as polyurethane rings instead of rubber wheels.

The delivery times for rollers depend largely on the supplier. Often the most sensible option may be to discuss the placement of consignment stock directly in the client's warehouse. For this approach too, Sysi Oy has a ready solution.