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Conveyor pulleys

Motorized and non-motorized pulleys up to 2.5 m in diameter. From a German machine shop with a long tradition in standard or customized dimensions.

One of the hardest parts to replace in a belt conveyor is the conveyor pulley. For this reason, their proper design and construction is of paramount importance.

The reliable operation of the conveyor pulley is one of the prerequisites for the satisfactory and fault-free operation of the entire conveyor.

Hese Maschinenfabrik's years of experience in the design, manufacture and servicing of conveyor pulleys has enabled the development of its own calculation software and design criteria. End-user experiences and a number of studies have produced a structure that lasts and helps keep the equipment running. In practice, each pulley should be calculated and dimensions specific to the project. A small amount of additional work can easily add years to the product life cycle.


Pulleys are calculated for a specific order and are designed as per the client's requirements. The geometry of the conveyor and location of the pulley relative to the roller frames must be taken into account in the design as this has an impact on load distribution.
With 250-300KN loads and above T-flanges are used in the pulleys to prevent fatigue fractures. In smaller pulleys the flanges are designed to fit the clamping element. In practice, all pulleys are equipped with clamping elements to prevent the welds being loaded. Pulleys over 500mm are stress released after manufacturing.

Ease of maintenance

Clamping elements that can be easily removed when required, are used in the pulley shaft and the flange joint allowing inspection of the structures. For the bearings it is recommended, of course, to use external bearings, conditions permitting.
Another option is a drive drums, where the drive and gears are integrated inside the pulley. In this case, the space requirements are small and the need for maintenance is minimal. Once again, Sysi Oy can provide a suitable motorized pulleys from one of the world's leading manufacturers.

Quality Assurance

Every pulley goes through a standard inspection of dimensions, clamping torques, bearing clearances, weld seams, as well as where appropriate, the static and dynamic balance, as well as other items requested by the client.