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Belt tracking

A misaligned belt always that indicates something is wrong. Belt trackers do not eliminate these problems, but to prevent damage they may often be the best solution.

Belt tracking systems produced by TBK Europe are designed to react quickly to belt misalignment and effectively guide the belt back to the correct movement.

The most common causes of belt misalignment are:
• Non-centric loading
• Misalignment of roller frames
• Poor quality belt joints
• Changing weather conditions or materials

The principle of the heavy-duty CEN-TRAX belt tracking systems is the same on both the carrying and return side. They are also suitable for reversible conveyor belts.
The tracking system rollers are diamond-patterned with a rubber surface that provides a good grip. The outermost rollers are cone-shaped. This causes torque in the frame and slippage between the roller and the belt.

When the belt is centred, the slippage caused by the torque on each side is equal and the belt stays in the middle. When the belt moves from the centre, the torque on one side is larger and the frame with the swivel bearing in the middle rotates and guides the belt back onto the correct path.

The structure of the tracking system consists of three parts. In the middle of the frame there is a fixed roller. On the edges of the frame there are in angle adjustable wings that can be aligned for for the conveyor in case. The rest of the structure is customized as per requirements.

A lighter option of CEN-TRAX is also available. In the lighter option, there is a guide roller that is mounted on a sturdy, self-lubricating ball bearing in the middle. The bearing housing is designed to protect the bearings from the ingress of dust and dirt. When the belt runs in the middle, the roller inclines downwards due to the weight of the belt. In case of belt misalignment the roller tilts and thus creates a force pulling the belt back to it’s center position.