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Belt tracking

Do not let the belt run away

There can be many reasons for belt mistracking. Surrounding environment can cause belt freezing, wind can affect the way the belt runs, unsymmetrical structure of the belt can be a challenge, weak belt junctions can stop the line etc. How damp the material is will affect its mass and the heavier the material is will affect it discharge parabel. Also the grain size naturally will affect how the material flow behaves.

Non-centered feed is the most common cause for belt mistracking, but most often the challenge is fixed with wrong means. When roller frames are displaced by “kicking”, will end in a situation where nobody knows the what has been adjusted and where. After conveyor pulleys and rollers have been realigned we can study the spots and reasons for belt mistracking. From these findings we can make suggestions on which belt trackers to use and where they should be located.

The solutions that Sysi Ltd. offers are heavy weight for carry and return side of belt tracking.  see components to process solutions