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Belt conveyors

The importance of conveyors for bulk materials handling is growing year by year and their capacities will grow even more.

For bulk materials handling we design and build conveyor systems either individually or together with, for example, the German manufacturer Hese Maschinenfabrik GmbH.

The dimensioning of the conveyors is based on long experience and active co-operation with mines, steel mills, ports and power plants. Solutions are always tailored to client requirements, but the basic structures can be found over and over in each project.

Solutions that have been tested for years and then enhanced further meet the highest uptime availability requirements and keep operating costs low. Structural stability, proper feeding and discharge area design and correct dimensioning offer an efficient and sustainable solution for even large quantities of material.

In addition to basic solutions, conveyors can, where required, adjust to curves, be reversible, telescopic, rotatable... there are a wide variety of options. For Nordic conditions, conveyors are protected with various covers, either covering the entire conveyor or to protect only the material itself. Variations in loads and environmental conditions are taken into account depending on the application. see components connected to process solutions