Components and Solutions

  • Wear blocks

    Wear blocks

    Protect and secure Chrome saturated cast iron or manganese iron blocks guarantee a long exchange time to any application. We design the suitable lay-out optimizing the use of different kinds…

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  • Condition reports

    Condition reports

    Sysi Ltd. has a tested program for conveyor inspections. Inspections include checking safety features, conveyor condition but far and foremost investigation on how to bring down the operating cost. With…

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  • Belt tracking

    Belt tracking

    Do not let the belt run away There can be many reasons for belt mistracking. Surrounding environment can cause belt freezing, wind can affect the way the belt runs, unsymmetrical…

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  • Metal separation

    Metal separation

    Collect the valuable metal Choosing a wide enough belt and a small enough throughing angle with a proper speed, we can create a material mattress that is thin enough for…

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  • Spillage reduction

    Spillage reduction

    Waste not The only place for spillage accumulation should be the surface of the belt from where it falls under the conveyor. If the belt cleaning is done correctly the…

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  • Dust reduction

    Dust reduction

    Dustless Steadily flowing material tends not to dust. When the material falls, changes direction or shape, the dusting starts and can create challenges to the surroundings that are difficult to…

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  • Optimizing the feeding points

    Optimizing the feeding points

    Optimizing production From high and fast is great but unfortunately not in material handling. The sooner the material can be moved downwards by sliding instead of dropping the sooner the…

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  • Wear prevention

    Wear prevention

    Spare your equipment A typical target for wear are conveyors feed chutes. High and hard is with many cases spectacular, but not in material handling. High and hard in material…

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  • Belt lifter

    Belt lifter

    Smart new tool for conveyor maintenance. As a result of product development Sysi offers a convenient tool for conveyor maintenance. The new belt lifter offers easy and safe alternative for…

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  • Hard faced plates

    Hard faced plates

    Hard welded plates and structures are manufactured to client dimensions with the agreed hard welded surface. The hardness and wear resistance of the plates are significantly better than that of…

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  • Nicabor coating

    Nicabor coating

    This is a coating formed by electrolysis that prevents wear and is based on nickel sulphamate and extremely hard boron carbide. The coating thickness is amazingly thin, as are its…

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  • Rubber sheets

    Rubber sheets

    Rubber elements of different thicknesses and shapes help to prevent wear in many places. Rubber's lightweight and good moulding possibilities offer excellent opportunities to also protect area that would otherwise…

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  • Ceramic plates

    Ceramic plates

    The advantage of ceramic wear plates over traditional wear resistant steel is their ability to better withstand particularly abrasive wear. Hopper installation locations are often challenging, so the lightness of…

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  • Screening media

    Screening media

    High-quality steel mesh from a selection of more than 150 quality products, with the very short delivery times too. In addition piano mesh, stainless steel mesh and PU mesh.

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  • Skirtboard seal

    Skirtboard seal

    Robust, individually adjustable rubber elements ensure a good seal and very long maintenance intervals. Seal life is very high and sealing is good. Payback time is very short.

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  • Plough and diagonal cleaners

    Plough and diagonal cleaners

    For the inner surface of the belt to prevent the material from entering between the pulley and the belt. A sufficient number of alternative solutions for a wide variety of…

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  • Impact bars and beds

    Impact bars and beds

    Impact bars with a thick UHMWPE surface and adjustable as well as dynamic impact beds. The Friflo impact beds provide a good basis for a tight and well functioning feeding…

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  • Conveyor pulleys

    Conveyor pulleys

    Motorized and non-motorized pulleys up to 2.5 m in diameter. From a German machine shop with a long tradition in standard or customized dimensions.

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  • Conveyor rollers

    Conveyor rollers

    Traditional steel rollers with varying sleeve thicknesses and dimensions. The range also includes special rollers for the return side of the belt, impact points, self-cleaning rollers, etc.

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  • Belt tracking

    Belt tracking

    Responsive robust models for the control of the conveying and return side of the belt. Also traditional light guides for the return belt.

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  • Cleaners


    Effective belt cleaning that conserves the belt is the key to reducing maintenance costs and increasing production. The importance of belt cleaning increases continually due to the wear and tear…

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  • Roller frames

    Roller frames

    Standard and special sizing for any location. Also offset and independent roller frames: painted, galvanized, stainless steel or even acid-resistant.

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  • HDPE – Rollers

    HDPE – Rollers

    Steel encased HDPE rollers conserve belts, are very long lasting and are designed for rugged use. They are favoured by maintenance and are a solution that always pays for itself.

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  • Mine hoisting

    Mine hoisting

    Ore hoisting when there is sufficient depth and mine life. For projects up to 3000m.

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  • Hopper dischargers

    Hopper dischargers

    Open and closed systems with belt or chain conveyor technology.

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  • Screens and feeders

    Screens and feeders

    Equipment based on vibration technology for the separation or steady supply of material.

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  • Belt conveyors

    Belt conveyors

    Over ground and underground conveyors with capacities from 50 t/hr to over 10,000 t/hr. Availability and reliability with decades of experience.

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