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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Pull-out roller frames for tricky parts

Sometimes the roller exchange below the feeding area can be tricky and requires removing skirtboards and lifting belt…but not always. Roller frames can be made in many ways. A split frame is mounted on top of the supporting beam and can be pulled to the sides outside from the conveyor frame. One side-roller is bulled…
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More grip and wear resistance for conveyor pulleys

German Micke’s ceramic conveyor pulley laggings give extra grip and resistance to wear. For moist and easy to freeze locations the rough-shape and totally closed ceramic is water proof and does not freeze. In dry locations the porous ceramic gives extra resistance to wear…      
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Skirtboard sealing for heavy users

Common struggle with traditional rubber strips on skirtboards are short lifespan and that the entire strip has to be replaced at once. In several cases also the joints are not as tight as they should be. Spill-Ex skirtboard seals are attached to the chute or back wall with a separate installation plate, that has rubber…
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Conveyor covers for the big boys.

German Achenbach can offer traditional conveyor covers with a variety of service hooks and opening mechanisms. When really concentrating on the convenience of maintenance, a Jumbo sized cover for the entire conveyor is the best solution. If needed, the cover can be made up to 6m wide and 4 m high. Even a large conveyor…
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